10 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistable to Buyers

Look at your house with “buyers’ eyes”

  1. First impressions count. Make sure the curb appeal is the best it can be. Clean, polished landscape = valuable well maintained home.
  2. Look at exterior of house. Check if paint is fading or chipping. Is there evidence of wood rot? How does the roof look?
  3. Walk inside as if you are a buyer and test all 4 senses (smell, touch, sight and hearing) as you go room to room. Check flooring, carpet stains, overall wear & odors.
  4. Get rid of clutter. Make the home neat and orderly, Including the garage, attic and basement.
  5. Hire professional cleaners to clean top to bottom.
  6. Consider cosmetic fix ups in the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. For every $1 invested a yield of $10 in extra sales price could result.
  7. Get rid of pet odors! Pets should be out of sight as well.
  8. Lighting is very important. Open all blinds and curtains during the day and turn on all lights on cloudy days. At dusk, leave front drapes open and turn on all lights and lamps. At night close all blinds and curtains.
  9. Turn off all appliances, television and radio ……they will distract attention from your home. Light music however could enhance the buyers’ emotional experience.
  10. Make sure your closets are tidy and well organized. Ample storage is an important selling feature.