Accessorize a soothing environment

Before you buy anything new, consider which accent pieces should go and which have truly earned a place in your heart. Often, what you part with will give you the greatest peace of mind. That’s because household clutter can lead to stress.  Besides, being organized can look as good as it feels. Stylish storage pieces make everything easy to find. Leather bins keep magazines and catalogs at bay, while decorative boxes put paper in its place. Since electronics, such as computers, TVs, and stereos, have become less cumbersome, they free up space for the essentials, like CD and DVD holders.

Candles are always comforting, and the endless choices continue to grow. For those who have little hands and paws at home, the new battery-operated candles offer a great alternative to traditional wicks. Pillows and throws are pretty enough to display every day. Add some to your sofas and chairs to encourage family and friends to sit down and stay awhile. Trays, which can be used for entertaining, are also perfect for paperwork that needs to be transported from one room to the next.

Mood lighting adds an element of warmth to any setting. The right mix of floor and table lamps can take a room from dull to high-drama with the flip of a switch. Proper lighting is also essential when creating a cozy reading corner or home office space. Surround yourself with family photos for that oh-so-familiar feeling. Just one look at the friendly faces inside your favorite frames is enough to make anyone feel welcome. Black-and-white photos have a classic feel while color adds a hint of fun. Whatever you decide, group the frames together for more impact.
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