Get your Garden Ready for Spring…..Things to do This Weekend!

Now that the last freeze warning is hopefully over for the season, it’s time to get serious about our gardens! Here are some helpful tips that will guide you through a successful planting season!

  • Clean – Clear out leaves, sticks & debris from your garden beds, so there is room for the new buds to grow. Trim broken & dead branches from bushes & prune & shape trees.
  • Organize – Wash your garden tools with soap & water.  Paint thinner will clean wooden handles and protect from the wood from splintering. Set up an efficient tool space with easy access in your garage.
  • Prep – Rake & turn the soil. Remove weeds. Make sure you add compost to soil a few weeks before planting to avoid harming the new plants.
  • Plan – Find out which flowers & vegetable will thrive in your location. Consult your local nursery to get planting recommendations. To get color blooming throughout the season, mix perennials with some annuals. Remember to arrange your garden by height, for even sunlight. The ideal garden area gets full or nearly full sunlight and has deep, well-drained, fertile soil. Check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac to find out when & what to plant.
  • Maintain – Continual maintenance is imperative to a successful garden. Clear out flowers as they begin to droop, plant annuals, & put down mulch.
  • Enjoy! – Relish the process as well as the finished product!