June, 2013 Housing Newsletter


Westport Housing Stats for the Month of June

  •     Median sales price down 15.7%
  •     Unit sales down 10.9%
  •     Months of supply down 24.6% from 14.3 to 10.8

Stats Year to Date-June 30, 2013

YTD  average price in Westport for 2013 is up by 8.9% from $1,495,196 to $1,628,561
YTD  new listings in Westport for 2013 are down by 7.8% from 553 to 510.

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Norwalk (Condos)

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JillianKlaffHomes is growing……………

Robin and Sally

We are thrilled to announce two new agents to our team Robin Jossen, left, and Sally Bohling, right. They are both longtime residents of Westport whose knowledge of real estate and sales experience will prove very valuable.



7 tips to ensure a smooth appraisal! 

                 Here are a few helpful tips that will assist you in the appraisal process:



  1. Tidy up: We take photos of the interior and exterior that is viewed by the underwriter at your bank. Having a home that is cleaned and clutter free will give those who view the appraisal a good impression of your home.
  2. Access: As appraisers we need to inspect every room located on the property. If we are unable to gain access to every room we would be required to come back at another time to gain access. In most cases there is a fee associated with returning to the property.
  3. Renovations: Appraisers need to verify that all permits were pulled for updates completed on the property. If permits were not pulled they will need to be obtained and reviewed by the appraiser. Any renovation should be completed prior to the appraiser coming out to inspect your property.
  4. Repairs: Go through your home and look for anything that may need to be replaced. Things that are often overlooked are rusty faucets, bulbs that need to be replaced and cracked windows.
  5. Log of Improvements: Create a log of things that you have done to improve your home. This will help the appraiser in the appraisal process to know what updates have been done to the home since it was purchased.
  6. Documents: Remember to give your appraiser any paper work that you may have, including proof of HAO fees, permits, etc.
  7. Punctual: It is important that you or someone who knows the home is present and on time for the inspection. If you miss your appointment you could be charged a trip fee for the appraiser time and expenses.

Courtesy of Nora King & Co, a premier appraisal company

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