has launched in Westport, Connecticut

For Immediate Release, the leader in local news, events, and deals has now launched in Westport, Connecticut.

If you’re a homeowner, or someone who loves to hangout in Westport, Connecticut, is the #1 source for local news, events, and deals. It also has a business and school directory, and information about real estate. Finally, if you want to get weekly updates to your phone, you can subscribe to the Westport, Connecticut email newsletter.

Best part is, this service is absolutely free! How? partners with one real estate agent or team in each neighborhood to launch the platform in their area. Each one is hand selected to represent the Parkbench neighborhood brand because of their attitude, community involvement and local expertise.

“The Jillian Klaff Homes Team have really impressed me because they are top producers who STILL care about building relationships and giving back to their community. They have been recognized as the Top Producing Team Nation wide for William Raveis Real Estate, 7 of the last 10 years, and have produced over $500 million in sales; despite being busy with clients, Jillian and her team still make time to give back to the community and get to know the people and businesses within it. Because of their consistent effort, I feel they really can advise clients on the best products and services a homeowner may need before, during, and after buying or selling a home. And even though Jillian’s been in real estate for over 20 years, she’s still got a passion and energy that’s contagious. The whole team is a joy to work with and I couldn’t be happier to have them sponsor and be the go to real estate experts for Westport Connecticut.” – Grant Findlay Shirras, CEO,

If you have a local business in either area, or you provide a service to the people living in there, offers a completely free platform to advertise your products, services, events, and promotions directly to local consumers. You can create your free profile here. You can also apply to be interviewed and featured on the website, for free!

To give a little background, was built by small business owners for small business owners. This is why their (free) premium profile has more features specifically designed to help a small business make more money, engage their customers, build a positive reputation online, and show up higher in the search engines.

If you have a business (part or full time), you can offer a new customer coupon (like a daily deal) and Parkbench doesn’t take any of your revenue! The consumer also doesn’t have to pay online, they just get the deal sent to their phone and walk in to redeem it.

A business can also incentivize its customers to write a review by offering them a coupon for their next visit. This feature was created by the Founder and CEO, Grant Findlay-Shirras, because, as a consumer, he had never written a review before (like 90% of us according to research); however, as a small business owner he knew he needed them. So he thought about simply rewarding customers for taking the time to do it. As a result, the “write a review and get a deal” feature was born. This feature helps local businesses get reviews fast, rise up the search engines, and attract more customers. In return, the customer gets to save some money next time they go. It’s a real win win. If applicable, businesses can also add their daily specials, in store sales, and events – all for free!

Overall, the mission of Parkbench is to help people stay up to date with what’s going on around then, and get to know the people and businesses in their neighborhood. And now, the people of Westport Connecticut have this powerful and free local platform.

About Parkbench: is a tech start-up and leader in curating local content. Parkbench’s technology aggregates local events and news from leading websites and showcases it on one easy-to-use platform. Users can find local deals, events, and read neighborhood news quickly and easily. Small businesses also get a free platform to advertise their products, services, and promotions. Overall, the mission of Parkbench’s neighborhood network is to encourage more people to shop local and support their neighborhood, everyday.

Parkbench founders Grant Findlay-Shirras and Amanda Newman are available for interview.

If you have any questions about the platform, or how to get setup and use it, email