Spring Fitness Guide to the Proper Running Technique

When it comes to Fitness, the beginning of Spring is like New Year’s all over again….Time to make a serious resolution to get fit now that signs of summer (& swimsuits) are finally here. It’s also the optimal time to enjoy outdoor exercise and running is one of the most popular & effective forms of fitness. Even if you never have before, you can build up to a productive running routine before you know it. If you are really a running newbie, it’s best to start out gradually with brisk walking  and work your way up to a running program.

When you are ready to run, The Pose Method is the ideal form to emulate for the best results and least wear and tear on your body. This method’s mantra is The Pose (balancing motion – body is in a #4 position (see photo above), The Fall (runner falls forward) & The Pull (runner pulls supporting leg off ground) .

Here are 7 things you need to keep in mind to achieve this proper running technique.

  • Keep your head motionless.
  • Keep your back straight & relaxed.
  • Keep your arms at your sides.
  • Drop your hips over the balls of your feet as you “fall” forward.
  • Keep your body weight on the balls of your feet and move quickly from one foot to the other.
  • Keep your knee slightly bent to help you lean forward & move your feet quickly.
  • Pull up your back leg with your hamstrings rather than pushing off with your quads – think of each step as catching your fall.

Now that you know….it’ s time to GO! Give it a try. Once your ready for some competition, here’s a list of local running races to check out!

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