The Real Estate Scene in Westport; November 2012 Housing Stats

On behalf of all of us at Jillian Klaff Homes we wish all our clients past and present, as well as our friends and families a safe and happy Holiday Season and a happy , healthy and prosperous 2013.

2012 has been a challenging year for our communities. A struggling economy, a divisive election, a devastating storm and then a monstrous shocking tragedy in nearby Newton has left us all reeling.

Included in this newsletter are the housing statistics for November that point to a rise in real estate activity in the Westport market.

Looking back at 2012 one can see that there are signs of a real estate recovery and I believe we have turned the corner. The sweet point in the market are new or newer homes that are priced under $2million and there are definitely buyers out there poised to buy such homes that are under $3million as well. The very high end is still very slow.  The real estate activity for this time of year has been unusually brisk and my gut feelings from working in the real estate trenches point to a busy spring market.  Houses that are priced correctly and show well will sell. Builders are actively looking for land and teardowns. The signs for a brisk selling season are definitely there.

Next month I will post a full analysis of the real estate market for 2012 once we have all the data in.

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Westport Housing Stats for the Month of November

  • Unit sales in Westport for November are up by 77.8% from 18 to 32.
  • YTD median price in Westport for 2012 is up by 9.1% from $1,100,000 to $1,200,000.
  • Average list price in Westport for November is up by 10.2% from $2,011,602 to $2,216,099.
  • Days on market in Westport for November is up by 49.0% from 100 to 149.

Stats Year to Date-November 30, 2012

  • YTD average sale price in Westport for 2012 is up by 2.5% from $1,355,593 to $1,389,945.
  • YTD unit sales in Westport for 2012 are up by 0.6% from 329 to 331.

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