Tips for a productive workspace

In many ways, it seems our society is returning to its roots. Ages ago, when a person’s job was tending the land right outside his front door, such a thing as work/life balance didn’t have to exist; work and life were one in the same. These days, there are many people who are going back to this model—albeit a modern version of it—by forgoing an out-of-the-home job and working professionally within the home. With so many people merging home and work to create a space that will satisfy both requirements, the need for a productive and efficient environment has never been greater.
It may seem daunting to try to merge these two seemingly disparate realms of life, but consider it a simple rebranding for your home. Perhaps you’ve been working from home for a while now and haven’t made it a point to set up your own space. Or maybe you’re hoping to devote more time to your favorite hobby in 2010 and know a dedicated space would help you focus. Either way, the same rules apply, although the money and time you choose to invest in your work space will differ. Read on for our favorite tips for fleshing out a productive work space within your home.

Workspace Tips