Weston Connecticut

Immediately north of Westport lies Weston with its wooded ridges and valleys, and its centuries-old stone fences that are reminiscent of the rustic environment from which the town developed.

Two acre zoning has enabled Weston to maintain its country charm and rural atmosphere. Careful town planning a generation ago secured approximately one-third of Weston’s 20 square miles for nature conservancies and restricted wetlands. The Town Center accommodates essential services such as grocery and hardware stores, a pharmacy, bank, dry cleaner, restaurant and gasoline.

Commuting: From Weston Center, it is a short drive to the Westport or Wilton railway stations for Weston commuters, and the same convenient train schedules apply. Also, Weston is minutes away from the Merritt Parkway and the Connecticut Turnpike for those who commute by automobile to businesses in nearby towns.

Education: The excellent school system is comprised of Hurlbutt Elementary School, Weston Middle School and Weston High School, all three centrally located on a 120 acre education campus. Numerous athletic fields accommodate outdoor sports that include football, soccer, baseball, softball and lacrosse, both intramural and interscholastic. Weston High School’s 750 seat auditorium is used for town-wide meetings as well as school activities and performances.

Recreational Facilities: In Weston, families enjoy the beautiful natural resources of ponds, streams and woodlands in areas such as Devil’s Den and Bisceglie Park. The Town also provides tennis and swimming facilities. Joggers and bikers frequently are seen enjoying the country atmosphere and scenic roadways. Private golf, swimming and tennis clubs are available, and Weston residents also have access to the many recreational facilities, including the beaches, in nearby Westport.

Cultural Opportunities: Most of Westport’s cultural organizations are open to Weston residents, including the Westport/Weston Community Theater, the Westport Arts Center, the Westport Country Playhouse, Levitt Pavilion, and the Nature Center for Environmental Activities. Among the activities offered by Weston’s Public Library are free story-telling hours for children and monthly art exhibits.

Town Government: Weston’s population has remained small enough to continue its historically New England Board of Selectmen/Town Meeting form of government. It is one of the few towns remaining in which each individual voter has the opportunity to participate actively in the Town’s legislative process.