Westport Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Gifts for Mom that she really wants….

If you want to know what Westport Moms really want for Mother’s Day, then you’re in the right place! We asked all the moms here at Jillian Klaff Homes what Westport gift they would love to receive, and this is what they said.

(Any mom’s out there??….You may want to print this out and leave it nonchalantly out for your Mother’s Day shoppers to “accidentally” stumble upon.)

And, if you are a mom, then you know you already have the very best gift of all……your beautiful, wonderful children that make you crazy with all the things you do for them and whom you cherish more than anything in the world! Enjoy them! And enjoy your day…..

All of us at Jillian Klaff Homes wish all of you a very happy Mother’s Day!