7 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Westport, CT

7 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Westport, CT


Westport, Connecticut
, a picturesque town nestled on the Long Island Sound, is renowned for its vibrant community, scenic beauty, and rich cultural life. The town's diverse neighborhoods offer a variety of lifestyles, each with its unique charm and appeal. In this blog, we'll explore the best neighborhoods in Westport, CT, providing insights into what makes each area special. Whether you're looking for a bustling downtown vibe, serene waterfront views, or a family-oriented community, Westport has a neighborhood to suit every preference.

Saugatuck: The Heartbeat of Westport

Saugatuck, located around the historic Westport train station, is one of the most lively neighborhoods in Westport, CT. Known for its walkable streets and vibrant atmosphere, Saugatuck is home to a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and shops. The area has a rich history, reflected in its charming architecture and community events. Residents enjoy easy access to public transportation, making it a popular choice for commuters. Saugatuck’s blend of convenience, culture, and community makes it a top choice for those who enjoy a dynamic and active lifestyle.

Greens Farms: Historic and Serene

Greens Farms is Westport’s oldest neighborhood, offering a serene, pastoral setting. It’s known for its sprawling estates, historical homes, and the prestigious Greens Farms Academy. The neighborhood boasts beautiful beaches, private golf clubs, and open spaces, providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Greens Farms is ideal for those who appreciate a blend of historical charm, natural beauty, and privacy. The area’s rich history and tranquil atmosphere make it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Westport, CT.

Coleytown: Family-Centric with Rural Charm

Coleytown is nestled in the northern part of Westport and is characterized by its rural charm and spacious properties. This neighborhood is popular among families, offering a quiet, suburban feel with easy access to the town’s amenities. Coleytown has excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a close-knit community, making it an ideal place for family living. The neighborhood's rolling hills and scenic landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for the stately homes and modern residences that define this area.

Old Hill: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Old Hill is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Westport, CT. This area seamlessly blends historic homes with modern renovations, creating a unique architectural landscape. Old Hill is known for its winding roads, stone walls, and mature trees, adding charm and character. The neighborhood is conveniently located near downtown Westport, offering residents easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Old Hill appeals to those who appreciate a neighborhood with a rich history and a touch of modern living.

Compo Beach: Coastal Living at Its Best

For those who dream of living by the sea, Compo Beach is the epitome of coastal living in Westport. This neighborhood is centered around the famous Compo Beach and offers stunning waterfront properties. Residents enjoy beach access, boating, and breathtaking sunset views. The area has a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere year-round, making it a coveted location for beach lovers and water enthusiasts. Compo Beach combines the allure of beachside living with the convenience and community spirit of Westport.

Long Lots: Suburban Tranquility

Long Lots is a centrally located neighborhood known for its suburban tranquility. The area features a mix of traditional and contemporary homes set on spacious lots. Long Lots is favored for its excellent schools, proximity to shopping centers, and easy access to major highways. The neighborhood’s quiet streets and friendly community atmosphere make it an ideal choice for those seeking a traditional suburban lifestyle with all the benefits of living in a vibrant town like Westport.

Compo-Owenoke Historic District: Exclusive and Private

Compo-Owenoke Historic District, a hidden gem within the Westport landscape, offers an exclusive and private living experience. This unique neighborhood close to Compo Beach is known for its luxurious homes and secluded setting, providing residents with a sense of retreat and tranquility. Compo-Owenoke Historic District is ideal for those seeking privacy and exclusivity without sacrificing proximity to the amenities and vibrancy of Westport. The neighborhood's lush natural surroundings, coupled with its elegant residences, make it a highly sought-after location for discerning homeowners. For those who value privacy, sophistication, and a connection to nature, the Compo-Owenoke Historic District represents the pinnacle of Westport living.

Embark on Your Journey to Finding a Home in Westport's Vibrant Communities

Westport truly offers something for everyone. From the bustling streets of Saugatuck to the serene shores of Compo Beach, the neighborhoods in Westport, CT, are diverse and full of character. Each neighborhood provides its unique blend of lifestyle, community, and convenience, making Westport a desirable place to call home. Whether you’re looking for historic charm, modern luxury, family-oriented suburbs, or beachside bliss, you’ll find it in one of Westport's exceptional neighborhoods.

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